challenge what we know.

live with clarity & freedom.

rest at the feet of God.



We believe that most of us are doing the best we know how and we believe we have an awareness that there is more. We know our identity is not wrapped up in our professions but really in truth of who God is and what He says about us. And so we have a desire to create a space and a community for men to drop their armor and allow themselves to be seen as vulnerable but not helpless human beings. We have a desire to build and be an integral part of a community not just putting out fires and not just winging it. We want to be encouraged and pursue life in this way without feeling isolated or foolish. That is why a place is so important.

A false narrative may have been told to us about us. Most likely we tell ourselves that same false narrative about ourselves to ourselves everyday. Stop. You are not deficient, you are not too far gone, you are a new creation forever changed, capable of supernatural love and connection. Break free dude! Everything you need is already rich and ready to be put into dynamic motion.