We want to provide a momentary break from the daily responsibilities so we can declare WHO God is, WHO HE says we are and how to take both of those truths and put them into action at the feet of God.


the retreat

november 14-17 2019 | dripping springs, Texas

Wiser Sons Retreat a 4 day retreat for all men. No specific age, no specific season of life. Yet, our commonalities are that we are a meeting of men committed to learning how to emote and deploy love in deeper more effective ways every day. We work to be ok with our emotions and share our emotions with each other and the important people in our lives. We want to see God present and active in our lives in all that we are and all that we do.

We are expectant for all that God will do.

DAY 1:



welcome & cocktails



why & rye // who are we


DAY 2:




identity mapping // heart


identity mapping // hands



why & rye // narrative


DAY 3:




the lone wolf // our needs


the wilderness // provision



why & rye // intimacy


DAY 4:




bill of goods // who we are



the details

We are limiting the retreat to only 20 men. Our desire to keep it small is so we can devote as much attention to each man as possible. Men will be broken up into small groups upon arrival as to allow the depth of our relationships to thrive and create space to let our guard down. We will dive into our Identity as men, identify our relational types and needs, uncover areas of false performance and provide space dedicated to resting and looking inward.



each man has their own room


all food & cocktails


joining of a wolf pack


all written materials


gifts & swag


hiking & swimming


why, how, what we do

|Wiser sons words|

The retreat far exceeded expectations, from the moment I walked into the cabin, it felt as though everything was planned with a distinct vision and purpose. Starting with a challenge to be vulnerable, to see and be seen, set the tone and invited everyone into a narrative of safety and security. In the end, it was life changing. God centered. The relationship and community built and building skills are something every man needs. The vulnerability shared amongst each other helped break down walls and let me know I'm not crazy, alone, and am loved.

Jonathan Wheat | Granbury, TX 33

Wiser Sons is an opportunity to better understand yourself and the way God sees you. It is a space to learn more about what a unique and good man you are and a safe place to unpack any shit you have in your life. I was open for God to do something but I didn't know what exactly. I wanted an opportunity to learn more about what God made me to be and what being made in His image actually looks like. Those expectations were far exceeded. I feel that I now have a clearer picture of what my personal identity in Christ is and now I will walk confidently in knowing my identity is in Him and, through Him, make an impact on the world around me.

Michael Jacobs | Fayetteville AR 32

The Wiser Sons retreat is a breakthrough for men to learn about themselves. It was an eye opening way to learn how to grow, be a better man and an understanding that it all takes time. The goal should be 1% better each day and Wiser Sons gave me the hope and desire to keep up the work.

Chris Whitten | Dallas, TX 36

The Retreat was a great chance to have meaningful, USEFUL conversation with other men without trust falls or forced interactions to incite emotional responses. That may be what some need but there are retreats that are easy to find that do this. Wiser Sons was real and focused, skipping the cheesy "I AM MAN" echo chamber stuff. My favorite part of the retreat was getting to a place where the conversations went beyond surface and guys started being real. I felt as though guys walked in with a "this is what I'm going to say I'm here for" in an effort to be "vulnerable" but about safe things. By the end of the day with Rocky, I think fellas knew their BS wasn't gonna fly and it was time to get to the real stuff.

Zac Stuckey | Fayetteville, AR 40

The Retreat is an invitation to meet God, meet rest, meet brotherhood, meet authenticity, and meet who God truly created you to be. I was expecting to learn more about myself & meet my identity. I was expectant, but wasn't sure what all to expect. I met who I truly was created to be by God. Not only did I meet my identity, but I also dispelled the lies told to me or about me. I've identified my needs, gained clarity regarding relationships in my life, and freed myself of shame.

Jalaen Jones / Dallas, TX 26

The retreat can be summed up every easily. It is a place to be challenged and confirmed in God’s unique calling on your life.

Rhett Barrett / Fayetteville, AR 39