Wiser Sons

When we started dreaming about what Wiser Sons could become it came from a longing and desire we had personally. We had no idea that there would be other men who wanted to pursue the same things we did. Men with the same fears, the same doubts and the same desire to know who they were created to be. Our hope at Wiser Sons is this:

To unearth the cultural lies of manhood to provide freedom from living in a fear based identity by disrupting your everyday routine through thought provoking content and intentionally vulnerable experiences.

We believe that because Christ is in us we are good men. Yet, there are many factors that fight hard against this truth in us. We are told that our value is in direct alignment with our performance, that we are to conquer things not cultivate them and that even if you wanted to change, it is too late.

We call bullshit. We want to challenge men to see and think about God differently. We want to create room to breathe and redefine the truth of who God is, what he says about us and what we should do with both of those. We want to create content and experiences that remove men momentarily from their perceived belief that only their performance matters to give them clarity and freedom on how to return to the feet of God. We were not made to this alone and we want you to know, we have your back.

you are a good man.

Rocky Garza- founder

My name is Rocky Garza. I have spent that last 35 consistently longing for one thing; deep connection with other men. After spending most of my life raised by women (read immensely grateful for them), I realized that there was something missing. There was a space in my soul that no matter what I did or how hard I tried never seemed to be full until I made the effort to build space in my life for relationships with men. Not the kind that only talk sports. Not the kind that only talk investments and profitability. Not the kind that only go an inch deep and allow me to keep up the seemingly perfect exterior.

I am talking about the kind of relationships where they asked me how I feel. The kind that force me stop and deeply consider myself and not just my results. I long for the men in my life to care about my soul as much as they did my service.

Wiser Sons is that place. God has been relentless in his pursuit of me and his prompting to create a space where we can dig into this part of ourselves. Where we can let down our guard and lean into the unknown, trusting that God is sovereign and he is good. So here we are; leaning into faithfulness and creating the space. We are expectant to have you join us.

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taylor vieger - creative director

My name is Taylor Vieger. For a long time, it’s been very important to me to prove my strength, to resist weakness. I toiled to declare I could carry yokes up mountains on my own. Perform at a high output and do good things and do more and do more and do more. Have you felt that drive? Recently, my wife and I decided we would say no to “too much” and focus on God in our neighborhood and our marriage and our family. God, not performance. I’m starting to feel a crisp breeze on my skin now. 

Imagine an open range, a clearing, running your hands through the velvet highgrass. A stainless brook flowing at your side through this valley, the breeze is crisp on your skin. Mountains in the distance, mountains behind you. Picture an expansive place to inhale the never-ending love of God. 

I want to dare to dig in, dare to work on my heart, battle without armor. Dare to be a father, a friend, a brother and a leader. Dare to be a husband and a lover, a defender and a builder. Risk to be gentle and kind, strong and powerful, patient and present. I want to challenge myself, I want you to challenge yourself. We are good men.

I’ve heard too many stories where a man realizes on his deathbed that he missed out on time and commitment with his father or his wife or his daughter or his son. I can’t waste the liberty now to connect. It’s time and I want to get my ass in the game. So many of us men believe that we are made to live as lone wolves. Well It’s just not true, we’re meant to hunt as a shaggy pack. God loves us supernaturally and we are built in his supernatural image to love others. 

Now imagine that poise in the clear valley with a score of other men, supporting you, defending you, encouraging you and yes loving you. And you them. You are a good man and we are Wiser Sons.